You do not need to know ahead of time
whether a counselling or psychotherapy
 approach is right for you.
Although there is a difference of emphasis or style between counselling and psychotherapy, they are similar in many ways, and the best way of working for you will develop organically between you and your therapist. All our psychotherapists are also trained counsellors, and we work in a flexible way, according to what feels appropriate.
Psychotherapy and Counselling have much in common. The main difference is really the focus of sessions. In Counselling you may chose to focus primarily on a current issue and find practical solutions, where as psychotherapy provides space to not only look at how this issue effects your current life but at how it developed and  perhaps how similar situations have occurred in your life.
Spending time looking at past situations in the present may seem of little use, but the understanding developed can often positively affect how you live and benefit your present and future life decisions. Because of its focus on a current situation, counselling tends to be shorter term work than psychotherapy which requires more time to look at deeper issues.
The decision to attend Psychotherapy or Counselling can be discussed at an initial appointment with a Therapist. You may have a clear sense of which is right for you, or you may prefer to let that emerge over time. Often the decision of what way to focus the work will develop organically once you begin to take time to talk with your Therapist.
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