Psychotherapy offers you the space to be with yourself
 in an open, supportive way that allows you
to give attention to the areas in your life that need it...
Psychotherapy allows you to take time to understand yourself more fully and discover why you struggle with the issues that you struggle with and what you truly desire in life. It does this by giving you the opportunity to look at the deeper significance of your concerns, feelings and desires.
You do not need to know 'what is wrong' to benefit from psychotherapy - an instinct that therapy might be helpful is enough. People often come to psychotherapy because they are troubled by a particular issue or because they wish to explore their experience more deeply.  Others struggle with a sense that something is fundamentally wrong or feels unbearable, even if they are not clear what this is.
Through this exploratory work you can begin to look at your experience in a fresh and more creative way. Therapy may also be very emotional at times as you get in touch with and allow to surface feelings that may have been denied or rejected in the past.
In general, the psychotherapy process pivots between current issues and early life experiences with a primary focus on how you respond to life and relate to yourself and others. Psychotherapy encourages you to wonder more deeply about the roots of an issue and how old patterns may influence and impact how things unfold for you.
Your therapist will support you becoming aware of patterns of behaviour and inner defences and strategies that you have developed over your life. Psychotherapy helps us understand and reassess these and supports us in developing a more flexible and authentic range of responses to our experience. 
Psychotherapy also draws on the relationship that develops between you and your and therapist as a key resource of communication and learning. This allows you to work not only on material from your life outside, but on you and your therapist's sense and experience of how you relate to each other within the therapy setting.  The opportunity offered by this more 'immediate' experience of each other will take time to develop, but it can be a hugely beneficial place of insight, change and learning.
It is hard to pin down what psychotherapy will 'give you': our history, character and needs are unique, and the experience and gains of psychotherapy are different for every client. However, our experience over many years is that psychotherapy is, for most who undertake it, profoundly worthwhile.
We believe in the deep value of psychotherapy
and have extensive experience of how therapy
can help people address the problems and challenges
they face and develop and grow in the process.
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