At Independent Psychotherapy,
all our therapists work in both a humanistic and integrative manner, this means that:
  • We believe that the therapist is not the expert but that he/she is a partner in the therapeutic process, and works through listening and inviting dialogue rather than giving advice or providing answers.
  • We believe that the client holds within the seeds of recovery, enhanced self- awareness and personal growth.
  • We believe that every client is a unique and valuable individual.
  • We believe that the therapeutic relationship (which emphasises the client and therapist working together within a non judgemental and safe space) is a crucial catalyst in the client’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • We believe that each individual is seeking and moving towards integration in body, mind, psyche and spirit.
  • We believe in the client’s ability to move beyond their symptom and move toward a more meaningful existence.
  • We believe that the best approach to therapy is one which combines a number of different approaches and philosophies according to the needs of each client.