What happens during the initial session?
During the initial session, the client generally says a bit about what is concerning them at present and asks the therapist any questions they have in relation to therapy. Then both client and therapist discuss whether it feels right to agree to continue working together. If it feels right to continue, the therapist will then discuss some practical issues with the client such as fee, appointment time etc.
How long does a session last?
A session lasts for 50 minutes.
How often should a client attend?
In general both counselling and therapy are most beneficial when attended weekly, at a regular time.
What happens during a session?
As each client is a unique individual and has unique needs as well as differing reasons for seeking therapy, this is a difficult question. However, all our therapists work in a humanistic manner. This means that they work from the basis that it is the client who holds inside the seeds of their own recovery and enhanced self-awareness. It also means that the therapist works in a non-directive manner, inviting dialogue and discussing whatever the client brings in an open and spacious manner rather than giving advice or providing set answers. As such the therapist is not the expert. Through working together in this manner, the relationship can grow, trust can develop and the client can feel safer to open up more fully about the underlying concerns that led them to seek therapy.
How long does counselling or psychotherapy take?
Again this is a difficult question to answer as each client will have differing needs in relation to coming for therapy and continuing at therapy. In general, counselling as a process is often shorter than psychotherapy. As a question, however, the length of a therapy process is something that often changes or becomes clearer as the therapy progresses and trust develops between client and therapist. 
Is everything I say confidential?
Everything that the client speaks about in the therapy room will be treated with great respect by the therapist. All our therapists value the client’s confidentiality and adhere to the code of ethics as laid down by Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP).
How do I know if I need counselling/psychotherapy?
If you feel you are drawn to attending counselling/psychotherapy for any particular reason or number of reasons, it may be a good idea to attend an initial session with one of our therapists. People often seek counseling or psychotherapy when they are struggling with dealing with a problem/situation alone and may need additional support.