Counselling can be supportive at times of crisis,
a place to explore when there is a need for clarity,
and a more experimental and practical space
when you feel ready to make changes in your life.
Counselling provides a safe space to discuss whatever is troubling you and can be valuable at times of difficulty or confusion, or if there is something specific that is worrying you and you feel you would be able to face it better with support.
Counselling gives you a structured opportunity to address the issues that you are concerned about. With the help of your counsellor, you can begin to talk about what is troubling you and consider the emotions, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. This process is often extremely helpful in developing greater understanding of your situation and more clarity about how you wish to respond.
Your counsellor is trained to support you in a non-judgemental and accepting way. You may find that this helps with your own self-acceptance, and that  your experience of the relationship with your counsellor can be a valuable support to self-esteem and inner kindness. Rather than giving advice, our role is to support and assist your own decision-making through clarifying your needs and wishes and helping you to form your own decisions. This approach enables you to developing your own wisdom, integrity and trust and means that, after you leave counselling, you will have developed inner resources to support you in any new situations that you face.
Counselling is appropriate at any time, but is particularly beneficial at times of life transition such as family changes, work issues, relationship breakdown or times of crisis such as bereavement, trauma, or when you feel stuck and unable to make a decision. 
The Counselling space is also a place where you can experiment with new ways of being. This allows you to use counselling to tease out possibilities of change, growth or shift in perspective. The experience of honestly and openly expressing yourself over time can also support an increased sense of trust, confidence and clarity about who and how you are as a person.
Counselling helps you express yourself more fully,
improve communication skills, develop clarity and understanding, and form new strategies and ways to cope during times of difficulty.
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