Independent Counselling and Psychotherapy offers counselling and psychotherapy in Dublin City Centre with committed, professsional therapists.   If you are considering counselling or psychotherapy, please contact us on 086 3772782We have many years experience of working with people facing a wide range of issues.
At Independent Counselling and Psychotherapy, we offer a safe, confidential space to support you in addressing areas of concern, struggle or worry in your life. Therapy can help if you are suffering from a specific problem (such as anxiety, bereavement or depression) or even if you are confused about what you are going through and unsure about what is wrong. Therapy can help you to cope with any distress, and also support you in understanding and working through what is troubling you.
If you are unsure as to whether psychotherapy or counselling is for you,  you are welcome to arrange an initial meeting with one of our therapists. This will allow you to get a sense of how we work, and consider whether you would benefit from coming to regular sessions.
To make an appointment, contact us on: 086 3772782
or email emmapb@me.com
You are also welcome to contact our individual therapists directly. For info see 'our therapists'.